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Deer Park parents, faculty, and board members can lower their energy bills with low fixed rate pricing. And proceeds go back to your children's education.


We are proud to serve our local community and will always be here for your energy needs. For more information on how to take advantage of your Deer Park member discount, please CLICK the button above or call Stephen Ward at:  (832) 425-2434


At Savant Energy Services we help develop creative concepts, implementation strategies, and customer acquisition platforms which are focused on affinity partnerships, education institutions, and cause organizations.


All of our programs are carefully designed with both our partners and their organizations at heart, especially from a customer service perspective. As additional electricity markets across the United States become deregulated, the opportunities to help electricity users transform their daily consumption into an organization's integral philanthropic donations grows right along with it.  As long as people need power, with our firm as your channel partner, they'll be able to use it to support whatever they're passionate about.


Proceeds Go Back to Your Children's Education.

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